Abby Poulter


Abby Poulter was an athletic child who enjoyed being competitive in gymnastics until one day, she sprained her ankle which triggered a life of pain. The pain was all over. It felt like her body was on fire all day, every day. She constantly felt pin and needle pain shooting down her limbs and she was very weak. Her feet would sometimes even turn purple. She could not use blankets or put on shoes or socks because the pain was too excruciating. Referred to Dr. Giancarlo Barolat, neurosurgeon at Barolat Neuroscience at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, Abby discovered she had a condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Dr. Barolat implanted a spinal cord stimulator in her at 19-years-of-age and when her condition spread to her arms years later, he implanted a second electrode and plugged it into the same battery. Abby is now pain-free and back to living and loving life.