• Jessica Barton


    Since she was 12, Jessica suffered excruciating back pain resulting from a dog park accident. Multiple surgeries caused her pancreas to attack itself and become pre-cancerous. Four days after her surgery with Dr. Barolat, she ran a 7K.

  • Jayme Bethel


    Jayme struggled with foot pain, bunions and hammer toes her entire life. When the pain became unbearable and she couldn't walk, she saw Dr. Barolat for a spinal cord stimulator implant. Now she's pain-free and pill-free.

  • Meghan Gordon


    By age 22, competitive athlete Meghan felt horrific pain constantly for eight years. Then she met Dr. Giancarlo Barolat and he implanted a neurotransmitter to help her control the pain instead of the pain controlling her.