Roberta Gillen

Photo of Roberta Gillen, RN

Office Manager

Roberta is our office manager and surgery scheduler. She is a registered nurse that has many years of experience in the neurosurgical operating room.

This experience included her role as a neurosurgical operating room manager. She also held a position in the neuromodulation industry giving her an excellent background for Barolat Neuroscience.

Nancy Vigil

Photo of Nancy Vigil

Medical Assistant

Nancy is our M.A. (medical assistant) who is most likely your first contact with our practice.

She manages the front office and is our new patient coordinator and patient liaison. She has been working with chronic pain patients, orthopedic and spine practices since 1990.

Georgette Sterling

Photo of Georgette Sterling

Insurance Coordinator

Georgette is our insurance coordinator. Her role is communicating with the insurance companies to obtain approval for your surgery.

She provides the insurance companies with the documents that you have provided to us for them to consider payment toward your procedures.

Georgette has several years experience in the insurance approval process for neurostimulation procedures for patients with chronic pain.